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[project 365] day 61 – 71

[Day 71] March 12 – Food courtesy of the couples

3 couples in our department are getting married.. so they decided to throw up a food feast in the office… ang saya lagi kapag may kainan sa office ^^,

[Day 70] March 11 – Welcome Back!!

Finally back.. working again after 5 days of bumhood.. and my teammate, Ann, left this in my monitor… very inspiring 🙂

[Day 69] March 10 – Overloaded!!!

I already used my Greenwich GC and this is what I got… yummmmy!!!!

[Day 68] March 9 – Packed!

we were packing our things all day long… getting ready for the lipat-bahay 🙂

[Day 67] March 8 – Free Stuff (minus the S)

While I was on leave… I still went to Ortigas to claim some stuff. Got my Greenwich GC, my SMART load worth 2000 pesos.. and Marga’s pasalubong from Batangas ^^,)

[Day 66] March 7 – The long and not so winding road

I went to MOA to look for something.. I forgot what.. pero wala akong nakita.. so I just went to the Baywalk side of the mall… and captured this pic… parang professional lang ang dating. 😛

[Day 65] March 6 – Lugggaaaaw

Very delicious, hot lugaw… so perfect for summer, rigghhtt???

[Day 64] March 5 – kitty kat

I miss her!!! hindi na sya madalas na tumatambay sa house.. and now that we already moved out of that house.. lalong hindi ko na sya makikita.

[Day 63] March 4 – 1st BU.. BU of 1
this the design of our BU shirt for this year’s sportsfest… mushroom from Super Mario… naglevel-up na daw kami. 🙂

[Day 62] March 3 – buhbye Caramello & Kite 😦

send-off party for Helki and Kite at Congo Grille… I’ll miss them for sure. 😦

[Day 61] March 2 – Midnight TV
I almost forgot that I have this project… I was already lying in my bed nung maalala ko.. so I grabbed my cam, saw that the TV is still on, and CLICK. voila 🙂


Top 8 of Guys & Girls – American Idol 9

Top 8 girls
KATIE – the song choice is much better this week, but the performance is still the same.. she didn’t do anything special with the song.

SIOBHAN – I love the first part, the middle part is weird, the last part is okay.

LACEY – there was a part in her perf were her voice sounds annoying. Still sleepy and boring. If her performances will still be like that, better say goodbye now.

KATELYN – I thought the song choice is okay… but I found her performance a lil messy, like it was all over the place.. tsk tsk!

DIDI – I LOVE DIDI!! whooot! I’m glad she finally played the guitar… but I’m still waiting for a much awesome performance.

PAIGE – what the heck? It was a tragic performance.. the arrangement is really horrible.

CRYSTAL – BEST performance of the night!! Crystla Bowerrocks!

LILLY – still not a fan of her voice and singing style.  I’ll be okay if she left the competition someday.

Top 3: Crystal, Didi, Katie

bottom 3: Paige, Paige, and Paige.

Top 8 Guys

LEE – it was a nice try. But definitely NOT better than the original. Hmp!

ALEX – Not as goos as last week, but he’s still great. His voice is definitely awesome.

TIM – Waaaay better than last week. Yes, he can sing. That was a smart song choice, good for him.

ANDREW – He’s starting to bore me. I’ll just watch Gabe’s Come On Over.

CASEY – it was a so-so performance. Kinda bland.

AARON – Ok, I’m already awake. He’s not that great. Trying hard much. His moves, hands, voice, and everything about him is annoying.

TODRICK – The performance is awesome. But I don’t think he deserve to stay there. He’s the tendency to overdo/murder a song.

MICHAEL – I agree with sashapurse, the first part was really awkward.  Not that great. Really…

Top 3: Alex, Tim, Lee

Bottom 3: Andrew, Aaron, Casey


Hodge Podge 3

Okay..  this seems to be the craziest week ever.

My monday is pretty awesome coz I won another promo at  The Morning Rush, P2000 worth of smart loads.

Now my problem is I dunno what I’ll do with this stuff. Oh I know.. I have to sell them somewhere… but I don’t know where.  Need to earn some money.. There are a lot of upcoming concert this summer.. must-see concerts.

And speaking of concert, I feel so bad that I missed the Paramore Concert here in Manila.  I really wanted to hear them live.. pero tinamad talaga ako.  Anyway, there are still a lot of concert na paparating, sabi ko nga.  I’m excited to see Owl City, Justin Timberlake & Jojo & Timbo, John Mayer, and Kelly Clarkson… so, I BADLY NEED MONEY.


Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite Hollywood Actresses.   And on the 82nd Academy Awards, she bagged the Best Actress trophy.  I’m happy that she won this award.  I love her movies, I love her wit, and her personality.

I already seen her movie The Blind Side.  To tell you honestly, I didn’t cry when I saw the movie… but her performance is really good, I must say.  But when I heard her acceptance speech when she received the award, I was in tears!!

So there, I’m really happy that she won.  Academy Award Winner, Sandra Bullock.


I know American Idol is really crappy right now… with the disappointing result of Top 12 and with the disgusting Kara-Simon Thing.  I’m just thankful that there are still reality shows that can save me from agony.

Love this season.  Great idea, Exciting challenges, Exciting survivors. Love it.  Of course, we usually root for the good guys, but for this season, I think I would love to see the Villains to win this.  They’re more entertaining.  The only bad news, to me, is that it’s not exciting anymore, coz I already found out who will be on the top 3.  Pero exciting pa rin kasi hindi ko naman alam yung mga magiging challenges and who will win.. so okay pa rin 🙂

I thought this is also a lame season. But No! Thank God to the Cowboys, Jett and Cord.  They are very entertaining, their expressions, their interviews, sobrang nakakatuwa.

I also love the father-daughter tandem.. I think they’re strong, and they’re playing the race really nice.  And for this season, the team that I hate is the Lesbian couple.  They’re annoying and sneaky.  Puro negative vibes.

I hope there’ll be more exciting challenges.  And I hope this will be an awesome season.  May the deserving team win!


Happy & Excited

Yesterday is so awesome.

I went to Makati Med Center to get the result of my x-ray.  I was really nervous while sitting there, waiting in front of the counter… I’ve been praying the whole day for a good result.. and when my name was called, I immediately approached the counter, and they handed me the film.

I nervously peeked at the paper where the result is written… and tadddaaa!! My lungs are clear. YEY!  So I went back to my doctor to get my clearance, and I went home with a big smile.

Finally, it’s time to go back to work.  I really missed the office, the aircon, the group, ate letty’s food, everything.

I just hope that next year, it won’t happen again! haaay.



I’m terrified
because I’m not sure with your feelings
because I’m afraid to fall and fail
because I’m not strong enough
because I’m not the one who’s holdng your heart

(I’m tellin’ you that’s a lousy poem haha!)

Anyway, enjoy this track from Katharine McPhee, from her latest album, Unbroken, written by Kara DioGuardi and Jason Reeves, here’s Terrified.


the ‘test’

My first week of March started really great.   I finally leveled up last Tuesday,  winning a Greenwich promo on The Morning Rush.  Then the next day was even better, where I won another promo on the same show – A gift pack from Listerine and 3,000 in cash.  Though I’m not that lucky that day coz I was 2 minutes late for work.

Everything seems ok, I thought. Then Thursday came, and everything changed.

The sad aura in the office area of 1st BU thickened as the transfer of some of our BU-mates is getting nearer.  It’s really a sad thought that we won’t be able to work with some of our friends now that they’re about to transfer to another department.

The PhilNITS qualifying exam turned out not good too. But that’s a little okay coz I’m really not ready yet to take the exam.

Then, that night, while we were practicing for the cheering competition, we were called by our boss and a very heartbreaking news was delivered to us.  The result of our x-ray exam shows that there are still scars in our lungs…

I have a history of PTB when I was in Highschool, but that was a very long time ago.  And I already undergone 6 months of medication and my doctor  said that my lungs are already clear.  But I was informed that there will still be a scar in my lungs.

So there, the managers in our company asked us to undergo a certain test to make sure that we are free of the disease.  But because of that, we won’t be able to join the others in the company outing/sportsfest.   I told them that it’s okay with me, but deep inside, it is really not.

It’s just sad that I missed everything.  I missed the bonding, the beach, the cheering competition, the fun, the foods, everything.

But that’s life, and I’m already okay.  Besides, there will always be  a next time.  I just hope that the result of the test will be okay. Hopefully, it’ll be negative, and hopefully, I can go back to work again.


top 10 girls – american idol 9

top 10 girls

crystal (as long as i can see the light)
– Love her! i love the way she sings. She’s more okay when there’s no harmonica, there’s more emphasis on her powerful voice 🙂 – 9/10

haeley (the climb)
– the arrangement of the song is confusing, and her high notes are annoying – 6/10

lacey (kiss me)
– I like her voice but it’s still a boring perf. – 7/10

katie (put your records on)
– I actually liked what she did with the song, putting some style on it. I enjoyed it. – 8/10

didi (lean on me)
– Not the best song choice for her. It sounded soooo weird. – 8/10

michelle (with arms wide open)
– I thought it will be an awesome version, but it’s not. There’s nothing special on her performance – 7/10

lilly (a change is gonna come)
– Her voice is really unique but I’m not diggin her style. It still sounds so weird, at least for me.7/10

katelyn (the scientist)
– I Love her version!! Just like what Simon said, it’s pretty close with NB’s version. – 9/10

paige (walk away)
– I enjoyed her performance. Her voice is controlled. I like her! – 9/10

siobhan (think)
– Her big voice is amazing. She wow-ed me with that performance. amazing. – 10/10

My Top 3 Girls this week are:

Siobhan Magnus

Katelyn Epperly

Crystal Bowersox


Top 10 Guys – American Idol 9

top 10 guys

michael (this is a man’s world)
– ok. he can sing. But I’m really not impressed with what he did. Standing O? really? – 7/10

john (gravity)
– He sang it differently but it’s still lame. His voice is okay though. – 7/10

casey (i don’t wanna be)
– I finally appreciated his voice, but his performance this week is not that awesome for me. –8/10

alex (everybody knows)
– HE IS AWESOME. That’s all I can say. – 10/10 (to Vice: not really Keane, more like James Morrison singing a John Legend song )

todrick (what’s love got to do with it)
– weird song choice. He’s a performer, but not a singer – 7/10

jermaine (what’s going on)
– I’m sooo disappointed and annoyed at the same time. He’s really awesome in his audition, I really don’t know what happened to him – 7/10

andrew (you give me something)
– A lil disappointed, but with this perf, he showed that he can still perform without the guitar. –8/10

aaron (my girl)
– I disagree with Sash! He can’t sing? are you serious? ahehe.. I like his voice. I’m not sure if he’s better than archie or not.. hmm maybe not.. but he’s still good. – 8/10

tim (come on get higher)
– He sang one of my fave songs!! And I think his performance is okay. Waaaay better than last week. He should do something like Ryan Cabrera.. maybe he can nail that. – 8/10

lee (lips of an angel)
– Love his voice.. raspy and rough..but he’s not the best singer this season (among the boys).. definitely not. – 9/10

My Top3 this week are:

Alex Lambert

Andrew Garcia

Lee Dewyze


I’m happy that John and Jermaine went home…
hopefully next week, si Todrick naman.. and.. maybe Michael. 😛


and since I really can’t get over with Alex’s performance, I’m sharing his performace in this post.  I hope he’ll get far in this season 🙂

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Are you afraid of the dark - Sidney Sheldon
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