RX93.1 2009 Year-end Countdown

1. Love story – Taylor Swift
2. Already gone – Kelly Clarkson
3. Circus – Britney spears
4. Touch My hand – David Archuleta
5. A Little too Not over you – David Archuleta
6. Jai Ho – A.R Rahman feat. Nicol Scherzinger
7. Come back To Me – David Cook
8. Poker Face – Lady Gaga
9. My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson
10. Thinking of you – Katy Perry

11. Zero Gravity – David Archuleta
12. Found – Philip Larue
13. Back In Time – Kyla feat. Jay-R
14. Insomnia – Craig David
15. Use Somebody – Kings Of Leon
16. Obsessed – Mariah Carey
17. Feel This – Bethany Joy Galeotti feat. E.Nation
18. Mad – Ne-Yo
19. Northern Downpour – Panic at the Disco
20. Broken Strings – James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado

Female artist of the yeat – Taylor Swift
Male artist of the year – David Archuleta
New artist of the year – Lady Gaga
RnB act of the year – Mariah carey
Dance act of the year – Britney Spears
Band of the year – Kings Of Leon


So for now, lemme share to you a version of the #1 song for this year. Here’s the cover version of Gabe Bondoc, adding some twist on the lyrics, and voila, you’ve got the Love Story (from Romeo’s Perspective). Enjoy!!!

“Love Story (Via Romeo)” – Taylor Swift (Reworded by Gabe Bondoc)

We were both young when I first saw you.
I close my eyes and the flashback starts..
.. you’re standing there.. on a balcony in summer air.

See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns.
Making my way, I’m moving through the crowd to say “ello..”

Little did you know..

.. that I was Romeo, as I was throwing pebbles..
.. heard your father say “Stay away from Juliet!”
Had to leave you crying on the staircase.. begging me “Please don’t go!”

So I said..

Julie I’ll take you somewhere we can be alone.
Just be patient.. nothing left to do but run.
You’ll be the princess, I’ll be the prince..
It’s a love story baby say “Yes.”

So you sneak out to the garden I’m hiding..
.. we keep quiet cause we’re dead if they find me.
Close your eyes.
.. escape this town for a little while.

I was Romeo, you were my Juliet.
Even my father said loving you is not worth it.
Had to leave you on crying on the staircase.. begging me “Please don’t go!”

So I said..


Julie I’ll save you, they’ll never come between us!
Just hold on and love is gonna free us!
Don’t be afraid, oh we’ll make it through this!
It’s a love story.. baby just say “Yes.”

I’m sure she’s tired of waiting.
Swear I’m on my way, just had to work some things out!
I hope her faith’s not fading..
.. that was when I met her outskirts of town..

.. and I said..

Julie I apologize, didn’t mean to scare you.
Need you more than anything.. I refuse to share you.
Saw it in her eyes, she didn’t know what to think..
I knelt to the ground and I pulled out a ring..

And said..

“Marry me Juliet.
You’ll never have to be alone.
I love you and that’s all that I really know!
I talked to our families, pick out a white dress..
.. it’s a love story baby just say “Yes.”


Cause we were both young when I first saw you.



6 Responses to “RX93.1 2009 Year-end Countdown”

  1. January 14, 2010 at 3:15 am

    hmmmm…. love story nga ang no. 1…
    no comment.

  2. January 16, 2010 at 10:44 am

    THANKS FOR THE LIST Oscar dela Ho….

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