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12.26.2009 – TMR’s Christmas EB

Probably one of the biggest, and memorable EB of the rushers!!

Thank you to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for sponsoring our last EB for this year.

It was memorable because we had our first exchange gift, then may games pa, and the muffins, cookies, and drinks are free!

it was pure fun! New and old faces, celebrating and enjoying the company of each other.

and we’re hoping that next year, the EB will be as much fun as this. Hoorah to all of the rushers! it was a memorable 2009!

(some pics courtesy of rina, earl, and some rushers hehe)


i LOVE Christi and Gelli

It was DJ Christi’s Birthday last December 24, and I’m so happy because I became a part of the birthday surprise that the Christinatix prepared for her.

We went to the station with cakes, balloons, and flowers and the surprise was a success! We just saw how happy and touched Christi was.

I love Christi because she’s very hardworking. Sobrang sipag magbasa ng greets, very dedicated sa work, and I heard never syang nale-late, and she definitely knows her job. She’s very nice and super galing pa kumanta 😀


Gelli Victor – Probably.. or should I say definitely.. the hottest, sweetest, and loveliest Radio DJ I know.

I became a fan of her when she was still with Jude doing The Ride. Madalas pa akong nakikipag-chat sa kanya (esp nung wala pang twitter). And I can still remember the day when I first saw her, she is so sweet and accomodating.

She’s also the first dj who hugged me and made beso-beso to me. I really felt that I’m so close and special to her. And she’s really like that, very sweet to all of the listeners.

And then RX suddenly changed her schedule. Gelli on the Gravey was created.

This show brought little changes in my life (wow).  I now sleep much earlier, and wake up much earlier just to catch the show. And I just love the playlist where your 5 songs will be played back to back, the dream sequence, and all the trivias in the show.

And also because of this show, I met a lot of people, especially those who are far from home. And it is a different bonding listening to Gelli.

Christi and Gelli are djs that i love… next to C&D syempre hehe. Looking forward to more memories with them! 🙂


12.14.2009 Concert Series feat KYLA

Finally, I already saw Kyla in person.

It was the concert series that I really enjoyed so much. This concert series is a little exclusive since it’s a christmas special of RX. The good thing is I won special invites for this CS! (thanks to Gelli on the Gravey).

So I got the chance to watch this concert series, along with my friend Marga, and my other co-rushers (elen, stephen, jobert, and colwin)

we had so much fun. She sang her 3 hit songs, Heart to heart, You Make Me Feel, and My Grown Up Christmas List.

Too bad masyado syang nagmamadali.. kaya we never got the chance to have a photo op with her (yung solo).. but the group pic is okay 🙂


12.12.2009 Gatecrashing Radio 1’s xmas party

went to RX studio to join the Kris Kringle of G-Crew (with Gelli, AM, and Enzo). For that week, they’re looking for “something that hardens”… and so, I brought a hair wax and gel as my gift. 🙂

And on the Kris Kringle, I got AM’s gift, a scented coffee ü.

Then Jobert treated me, stephen and colwin in Wendy’s.. t’was a nice lunch~ (libre kasi haha)

then I decided that I’ll go home na… so I already rode the MRT.. I was already in Taft station when I got a text from Selwyn. That text changed my mind! Haha.. so I went back to SM megamall and waited for my friends…

I went inside the Powerbooks and wander around the bookstore, little did I know, Richard Gutierrez was there! with her mom and dad… signing ng DVD nya..

Then nung 6pm na, Me, Stephen, Selwyn and Ron went back to RX… stayed there for a minute.. then went to the nearest KFC for our dinner… enjoyed the blueberry cake!

We went back to the RX studio, just in time for the Radio 1 Xmas Party.. niwelcome naman nila kami.. and that was my first time to do a shot (courtesy of JC and Andre)… it was a fun night!!

Then we stayed there until 6am.. we hang out with Bea, Meryll, and Caramelle while their doing the hip26 show.. and left the booth during Rico’s show..

It was a fun day for me.. finally, may pic na ako with Bea, Meryll, Caramelle, Angel, and Andre..


12.11.2009 – Tsukiden Xmas Party

another memorable Christmas Party of Tsukiden employees at Kamayan, Greenhills.

Our Blue & Pink themed Christmas party is awesome..

kahit hindi ako nanalo sa kahit anong raffle, ok lang. I really have no luck with that thing.  The buffet was fantastic.. Japanese dishes (syempre japanese company kami)..

and the desserts are delicious!! sweets!! 😀

But the main event of the night is the Inter-BU competition… and guess what, we won first place! Hooraah!!

from boss jerry.. after performing

from boss jerry... after winning

after winning

FUN night indeed! 🙂


Christmas Greetings!!

Merry Christmas to my family, relatives, friends, HS classmates, College Classmates, CSIP & IPS Members,  Officemates, Rushers, G-Crew, Christinatix, RX People, Tweetmates, Facebook friends, and all of the people out there!!!


ODH Anniv!!

Oscar Dela Hopia

It’s been a year since the hype of Manny Pacquiao and Oscar Dela Hoya fight. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone was worried on how the fight would turn out. It was definitely the talk of the town.

One saturday, I was watching Eat Bulaga, and saw this EB babe, Ann, doing her thing on one of the portions of the noontime show. The EB hosts used to call her “hopia” because of her “mali-mali” characteristic [she has the tendency to get easily surprised/shocked]. Then, Joey De Leon, the master of creativity and witty remarks, suddenly blurted out the name “Oscar Dela Hopia” for EB Babe Ann. And I find it very funny, and I thought, ‘hey, that’s a nice codename’.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been an active rusher since 2007, and I’ve been using the codename “Jun13” for my entries, requests, and greets. The codename is a lil lame but it has its own significance to me, putting together my nickname and my birthday/fave number. But I thought, “Oscar Dela Hopia” would be perfect for me too, since my real name is Oscar, and I’ve been very addicted to hopia that time (well, until now).

So December 8, 2008, I tried joining the top10 using that new codename, and it was a hit! (well I do believe it was). My co-rushers loved it and found it really catchy. I also used that name on the other shows of RX and the DJs also found it very funny. Success!

But that doesn’t end there. My codename evolved to different forms. Chico made a booboo one time and accidentally read my codename as “Oscar Dela Hopia Mani popcorn”.. it was hilarious! So the people started appending more stuff on my codename, making it much longer. But some peeps enjoyed the other style. Gino of Jumpstart enjoys calling me ODH!, Dru invented the codenames O dela Ho, and O dela Ho to the P.I.A., some peeps call me O dela Hops, and the list goes on…

Another cute story. Gelli (GOTG) told me one time that she had a hard time doing the news about Oscar Dela Hoya because my codename keeps popping in her head. And she repeatedly say “Dela Hoya” to herself just to avoid the mistake. 🙂

And most of the times, I receive messages in facebook and twitter saying that they always hear my name on the radio and they found it very funny. Some do say that they’re a fan! Whoa. I never thought that this will happen to me. Too overwhelming.

So this morning, I celebrated the anniversary of my codename. I texted C&D about it and they remembered it. I’m so amused because Chico still remembered my old codename. That was really cute!

So now, I’m very thankful to Mr. Joey De Leon. I’m very thankful that I made that decision to change my codename. I’m very thankful that I have the capacity to make people happy.

Happy Anniversary to me!

and oh, Merry Christmas!! enjoy my snowy blog! 🙂

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