Got this poem from Ghindie’s (my HS classmate) short story. We don’t know the title of this poem though. She just saw this poem (or maybe this song) posted somewhere.

I love the poem. Very deep, emo, dark, full of angst. Whatta masterpiece! Here it is..


I am the only one of my kind.
I live in my loneliness – with only the memories of the dead to haunt me.
Innocence is but a sham.

Love is nothing but an illusion.
I am alone.

I should not be the one to survive this.
My life is but a fleeting excuse.
A passing trend.
A disappearing abomination.

I fly from place to place
No meaning, no anchor to steady me
If meaning is lost,
We are like aimless birds
Moving from cage to cage
I will never be free.

Pain, confusion and sadness.
I feel them all.
Nightmares haunt me.
Blood coats me and covers my mind with its stain.
I am consumed by the night.
Consumed by their hate
Consumed by their blood lust
I do not deserve peace
Nor happiness
Nor rest
And these I will never have.

I am overtaken by sadness
Blood, like rain, floods my mind.
The solitude of our sufferings
Is the only friend we will ever know
My mind traps me in a dance of distress
I dance to the music of misery
Misery will write my memories

Even when I stand
I feel myself falling
Yet here I linger
Touched by kindred hands

Pawns living and dying,
We play the game.
Take courage, and step forward bravely.
Pawns living and dying,
We play the game.

Kindred in death
Kindred in thought, heart and duty
Kindred in death
Daring to reach another,
I fall forward into fear
Though scarred and broken,
We cling to hope.

But it might not be for me to decide.
Hope, like a fleeting wind,
Stirs our hearts as leaves
We fall toward the moment when
All our fears and dreams collide

Sift through the oceans of tears
Rise from the ashes of sorrow
And please help me collect
The broken pieces of my heart

And my classmate managed to write a very awesome story out of this poem. If you wanna read it, click here.

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