RX Life!!

Being a true-blue avid listener of RX 93.1 has a lot of perks. Aside from the great music and witty talks in this staion, you also have the chance to watch movie premieres, attend awesome parties, watch and mingle with your favorite bands and artists, win fantastic prizes and freebies, and meet new friends!!

I ended my August with blasting events courtesy of RX.. and it was one hellava FUN!

08.24.2009 – Avatar @ IMAX
~ It was my first time to watch a 3D movie at IMAX! Super thank you to The Ride dahil nanalo ako ng invites sa kanila. We watch the Exclusive 20-minute Sneak Peek of James Cameron’s movie, Avatar! It was a great experience!! And I also finally met Maude (though nameet ko na sya before kaso ilang seconds lang) and her baby :), Colwin, Michellet, Aisa, and Benjai’s Bruce Wayne. I also got the chance to know “The” Mr. Perk more. 🙂


08.27.2009 – Boknoi
~ It was a memorable day for me. I won The Killers T-shirt from The Daily Survey! At ang masaya pa, We (me, stephen and jobert) finally met The One and Only, The Legendary, The Rusher who’s always on #1 spot, The very witty and pervy… JHUN13! joke. BOKNOI!!! whoootwooot. We, the 4 of us, claimed our prizes at RX. And nakapagpapicture din kami kay DJ Tom 🙂


08.28.2009 – Playtime | Partytime
~ I actually have no plans to visit the Playtime nung una. Nabanggit lang sa akin ni Stephen that he will drop by to give a gift to RX and meet the playmates. So naisip, gift for RX, hmmm.. why not? So ayun, gumawa din ako ng something for RX and sumabay ako kay StephenSoul sa pagpunta sa RX at sa pagbigay ng gift.. and until now, naguguilty pa rin ako.. huhu.. *sad*



We’re glad na naabutan namin si Sir Louie D., doing the countdown, so we had our chance to give our gifts to him. And we felt delighted na natuwa sila sa ginawa namin 🙂 And, we finally met Cerah and Hazel at nakapagpapic pa kami!


Then after ng RX visit (and after ihatid si StephenSoul sa kung saan man yun), dumiretso na kami ni Mojacko sa venue ng RX A-List Party sa Manor, Libis. It was my first ever RX Party, so naexcite ako. It was awesome!! The Rushers burned the dance floor, ye! And sobrang natuwa at napagod ako. I also met my fb friend Dar-C, and Ria’s cousin Veronica.  Pero ang pinaka-highlight ng gabing yun eh yung colorless shirt. LOL

08.29.2009 – Rushers EBowling
~ After kong umuwi ng party, natulog muna ako ng 3 hrs.. and then diretso na sa Rushers Monthly EB!! adik lang di ba?  It was a FUN day though. Met new and old faces. Finally met goshark (yung nagsend sakin ng PM sa forum, Thanks c:), elen.p, Hanazawarui, merski’s friends jheng and cors, and angel. Syempre walang humpay na kwentuhan and picturan ang naganap.


And as usual, after ng EB, diretso ng SM mega foodcourt for the ritual lunch. lol. Super glad na nakahabol si badtz_maru (gedeon) and nikchic (nikki, na ngayun lang nagpakita ulit after a year hehe)… Then some of us went back to the booth to check kung andun si Suzie, but unfortunately, hindi sya nakapag-radio 1 that day. <*sad*>.



Then balik kami sa SM to join the remaining rushers na nagbowling pa.  We joined the game and ayun, 2nd ako! 2nd lowest scorer hehe.  Then after nun, tambay naman sa starbucks and and eat the pizza treat of Gedeon and refresh ourselves with the coffees courtesy of Ariane.  Tawanan at kwentuhan. It was an awesome day for me.

09.01.2009 – MMP Bruno
~ Monster Movie Premiere of Bruno!! It was a hilarious movie. I’m so glad that I won the tickets in The Daily Survey.  And happy din na may napasaya akong rusher.  =)


that’s RX Life! Hoping for more great things to come! =)

[special thanks to jobert, stephen, astroboy, and JP for the pics]

4 Responses to “RX Life!!”

  1. September 3, 2009 at 1:46 pm

    awwww… ang kulit naman.. well it’s as much pleasure for me to get to know more about the rushers as well.. buti nga naging active din ako with the meet-ups… haha!

    so there’s more to come! i love the rx life too.. though most of the time TMR lang talaga ako.. : (

  2. 3 czarovic
    September 3, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    wow odh, ang ganda ganda naman nito! i love it! ang kukulay ng pics! ^_^

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