ODH Top Fans – 08.09.09

Dahil sobrang naaliw ako sa Top Fans Check Applicationn ng Facebook, at dahil wala akong magawang matino sa buhay ko ngayun, I decided to do this thingy weekly!!

I’ll check out my Top 10 fans of the day and combine the results to find out the Top 10 fans of the week! Kareer ito!!! LOL.

So for this week, let’s see how my friends/stalkers did on my Top Fans updates thingy:

ODH’s Top Fans Update (08.02.2009): 1.Charlotte  2.Rhix  3.Jedeo  4.Trina  5.Stephen  6.Michael  7.Aisza  8.Jolly  9.Analyn  10.Glenn

ODH’s Top Fans Update (08.03.2009): 1.Jedeo  2.Charlotte  3.Papu  4.Elisha  5.Ryan  6.Sasha  7.Trina

ODH’s Top Fans Update (08.04.2009): 1.Charlotte  2.Jedeo  3.Papu  4.Jobert  5.Elisha  6.Ryen  7.Ariane  8.Analyn  9.Stephen  10.Candy Lou

ODH’s Top Fans Update (08.05.2009): 1.Trina  2.Stephen  3.Charlotte  4.Papu  5.Jedeo  6.Ariane  7.Analyn  8.Jobert  9.Elisha  10.Ryen

ODH’s Top Fans Update (08.06.2009): 1.Stephen  2.Charlotte  3.Rhix  4.Trina  5.Ariane  6.Analyn  7.Papu  8.Jobert  9.Nephi  10.JoLLy

ODH’s Top Fans Update(08.07.2009): 1.Stephen  2.Analyn  3.Rhix  4.Trina  5.Ariane  6.Charlotte  7.Benjai  8.Candy Lou  9.Jobert  10.Ryen

ODH’s Top Fans Update (08.08.2009): 1.Stephen  2.Trina  3.Rhix  4.Jobert  5.Charlotte  6.Ariane  7.SashaPurse  8.Jolly  9.Benjai  10.Analyn

ODH’s Top Fans Update (08.09.2009): 1.Jobert  2.Stephen  3.SashaPurse  4.Analyn  5.Trina  6.Ariane  7.Charlotte  8.Rhix  9.Ria  10.Jolly


After tabulating the results, here are my top 10 fans for this week!!

fans1. Charlotte

2. Stephen

3. Trina

4. Raine

5. Rhix

6. Jedeo

7. Jobert

8. Analyn

9. Papu

10. Sasha Purse

and the wannabes are: Elisha, Ryen, Jolly, Michael F., and Aisza

CONGRATS!! hahaahaha..:P


5 Responses to “ODH Top Fans – 08.09.09”

  1. 1 trina
    August 10, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    yehess naman, top 3 ako hehehe

  2. 4 rhix
    August 17, 2009 at 5:44 am

    hey! #5 ako dito…buti na lang tumaas ng level dun sa latest! LOL 😀

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