Happy Father’s Day!

Since it’s Father’s Day yesterday, I promised to post something about my dad. Just like what I wrote last Mother’s Day, I’ll be sharing the Bad and Good things about my father. ü

Bad Things

Unfortunately, my dad is alcoholic and a chain smoker. 😦 That’s the thing i hate about him. He can’t control it. Kahit inuubo na sya, go pa rin sya sa paninigarilyo.  And when he’s drunk.. he’s totally wasted. Bagsak. tsk tsk.

He’s also a shy-type person. Sa kanya yata kami nagmana (yes, believe me, I’m shy).. He seldom speaks to us.. He seldom make kwento about his experiences.. and he seldom smile and laugh with us. Sobrang tahimik nya..

Yun lang naman.. so my only wish is for him to quit all his vices (which i truly believe hindi mangyayari)..

Good Things

He’s a nice dad. Never nya kaming napalo, napagtaasan ng boses (umm minsan lang pala), never kaming pinagalitan..

He’s a GREAT cook too!! Kaya nga there’s no problem kapag umaalis yung mom ko, my father is there to cook for us.

He’s also very OC.. yan ang namana ko sa kanya.. sobrang sipag maglinis sa bahay.. Kapag weekend, kapag naglinis na yung dad ko,  talagang nagbabago yung bahay namin.. sobrang linis.

And he’s a bit different.. mas makulit sya pag lasing.. mas madaldal.. at yun yung times na kinakausap nya kami 😀 dun sya nagiging emotional 🙂

I still think he’s a good dad. Despite the bad things, we still love him.

And of course, sa kanya pala galing yung name ko.. jr. eh 🙂

happy father's day

happy father's day

4 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. 3 A.d.i.d.a.s.
    November 5, 2010 at 9:52 am

    see? i told you i’m goin to read your blog,,haha,,I’m a year behind so onti na lang,,updated na rin ako,,hehe..

    almost the same nga yung dad naten,,though my dad is not that good sa gawaing bahay,,trabahong bukid talaga siya,,yeah until now medyo umiinom pa rin and konting yosi,,we’re preparing na nga for his medication,,,

    PS.. avoid using blue colored text ,,sakit sa mata! hehe


    • November 7, 2010 at 6:39 am

      naku, kelangan na din naming magprepare for his medication.. pasaway sila no? hehe

      sorry bout the blue text, kasi yung mga old post ko, galing sa friendster blog pa yun, inimport ko lang sa wordpress.. eh white background ng blog ko sa friendster, kaya blue font.. eh nung sa wordpress na, tinamad na ako mag-edit.. sige, pag may time edit ko yun. (nagexplain? haha)

      Thanks thanks!! sana may mapulot kang kung anu man sa blog ko lol

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