Jamming: I Need A Girl

It’s a weekend guys!! Here again to feature another great song that I really love right now (yeah, I’m that selfish haha).

Top 5 Songs – 06.07.2009:

1.  I Need A Girl – Trey Songz

2.  Sweet Dreams – Beyonce

3.  No Boundaries – Kris Allen

4.  Shattered – O.A.R.

5.  Her Diamonds – Rob Thomas

I’ve been requesting for Trey Songz nitong week na to.. So I guess this is my #1 song for this week.  I just love the beat, I love the lyrics! I’m startin to be a fan of this guy.. Takes time to love, can’t help but wait, and now, this song, I Need A Girl.

I Need A Girl

Shawty where you at?,
Shawty where you at?
Shawty where you at?,
Yea , yea.

Verse 1:
It gets lonely in this business, need a homey
who tha realest.
Someone who wants to find out all that I have to give.
Who can bring me what is missin’,when I talk she wanna listen.
Sittin’ patient steady waitin’,for the day when I can face it.

The one that can love me for,who I am and so much more (is it you?).You ma Bonnie (say that I) I found the one,
I ain’t gonna rest till I know for sure,sure.

Baby please believe me when I tell you that,I need a girl (need a girl).
So come on pretty lady won’t you holla back, I need a girl
(I’mma tell you what I need).
I need a girl that’s goin’ be my baby, so if you love me say “i’m your baby”.
So fine I go “that’s my baby”, so if you need me say “your my baby”.

Verse 2:
I’m a good man, who ain’t got a lot to ask, just lookin’ for somethin’ I can build on.
I’m a young man, wit a whole lotta cash, just lookin’ for a lady I can spend on.
So all the young ladies in every little city, when I come to your town, let me know that you down.
Sittin’ patient steady waitin’,for the day when I can face it.

[Repeat breakdown]

[Repeat chorus]

You could, be my everything,
Oh you mean so much to me and I don’t even know your name.(But I know that..) that i’m your man (man), and you are my girl (girl)and if I eva meet ya imma give ya the world (oh).

[Repeat chorus]

[Repeat chorus]

“Your my baby!”
Yea,(huh)ye yeaa yea yea oh yea,yeeee yea yea.


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