The New American Idol (AI8)

Acoustic Rock VS Glam Rock

Acoustic Rock VS Glam Rock


Ok, I just gotta tell you now, my comments will be a little biased. Even when the show hasn’t started yet, I’m already rooting for Kris Allen.. so I’ll be dishing out good points for him, but I’ll try to be fair too. 😉


Mad World – Adam Lambert
– I think he picked the right song for this final battle. It was easier to digest (Less screaming, i think). The special effects were a little.. umm unfair?.. it’s like the AI staff pimped out his performance too much! What’s up with the smoke and the blue lighting, right?.. wala lang.. naiinggit lang ako para kay Kris. 😛 Oh btw, I like the part of the song where he playfully hit the word “nervous”.. it was a cute part. yun lang 😛

Ain’t No Sunshine – Kris Allen
– THE BOMB!! ok, a little OA.  I think he also picked the right song. One of my favorite songs that he performed. It’s full of dynamics, the low parts and the climax. I really like the way he control his voice. It was just right and very heartfelt. Round 1 really goes to KRIS!



Change is Gonna Come – Adam Lambert
– Now the shriek/scream is all over again. I know, i know, you love Adam, you appreciate his singing style and all that. But I’m sorry.. I just don’t dig it. Yes, it is very painful to MY ears.  I really don’t appreciate it at all. Someone said that Gavin DeGraw’s version of the song is much better. So I better check it out.  Weekmates (variation ng weekies hehe), are you ready for another Version battle?! haha.. wag nalang.. baka away lang ang mangyari 😛

What’s Going On – Kris Allen
– Yeah, a bit lame. But I think he did great. I really really love acoustic, so it really amazed me.  Kris is really an artist. Piano, guitar, pure vocals, he’s amazing! I still say that this round goes to KRIS!!



No Boundaries
Adam Lambert – it was pitchy.
Kris Allen – he was struggling.
But I also agree with randy, seriously.. mas bagay kay Kris yung song. babaan lang ng konti

fave part:  Carrie Underwood’s performance!!


And the winner is….. jaaarrrraaaann!!

The New American Idol - Kris Allen

The New American Idol - Kris Allen

Talk about Happiness! LOL


4 Responses to “The New American Idol (AI8)”

  1. May 21, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    How did this happen people? I thought Adam had this in the bag….Oh….my heart hurts!

  2. May 23, 2009 at 1:55 am

    the finale was a blast! how can one not enjoy the finalists with lionel richie, carlos santana, black eyed peas, cyndi lauper, jason mraz and keith! and that list was only half right? i just enjoyed it. and kris was a better choice than the singer who stresses his larynx.

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