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I Got Tagged!!

Fine.. natagged ulit haha.. thanks to Purplerose, Twistedsunshine, at sa iba pang nag-tagged sa akin!! hehehe…

Honest things about myself? ang daming pwedeng sabihin.. hmmm.. maybe I’ll just share the answers in the quiz I created in facebook. 😀

TEN Honest Things About Myself:

1.  My first nickname when I was a kid is Jun-jun.  No, my name is not Junas or Junathan.. haha.  Junior kasi ako kaya yun yung binigay sa aking nickname.. then nag-evolve na sya to Jun, kasi mas pang-teenager yun.. Then sa school naman they started calling me Oskie… kapag matanda na ako, tatawagin kaya akong Oca?… haha.. wag naman.. sa tatay ko yun eh 😀

2.  My middle name is Tecson.  Actually, mas close kami sa mga relatives namin sa mother-side.  I don’t even know the relatives of my father. Oh well.

3.  My favorite color is Blue, mula pa nung kid ako.  Nung nanonood pa ako ng mga Power Rangers, Bioman, etc., sinasabi ko na ako yung Blue!!  Ewan ko ba.. basta bigla ko nalang nagustuhan yung Blue… pero ngayun, medyo gusto ko na rin ang Brown.

4.  My favorite DJs are… syempre sino pa ba? The Best Radio Duo in the whole wide world.. CHICO & DELAMAR!! They’re simply the best!! Words are not enough para madescribe kung gaano sila kagaling. wow.. Probably the next radio duo I like after them is Enzo & Andre.. I think they’re doing so good!

5.  My all-time favorite TV show is…. Amazing Race!! akala nung iba American Idol ang pick ko, but no, it’s Amazing Race.  Mas naeexcite akong manood nun.. and tuwing natatapos yung race, teary-eyed ako palagi.. lalo na kung fave ko yung nanalo hehe

6.  My favorite subject is Math.  I love numbers… Pero nung elementary, mas fave ko yung history.. I started liking Math when I was in high school.. I started joining math quiz, damath, advance classes, etc… I love math!!

7.  I love watching Horror movies!! mas gusto ko yung nasusupense ako.. I like comedy too, pero bihira lang.. mas madali kasing magulat kesa matawa hehe..

8.  I’m working in a japanese company.. kaya eto, I’m studying Nihongo right now, and it’s sooo hard.. lalo na yung Kanji writing.. so many characters and strokes to memorize… whew.. but I’m enjoying it naman..

9.  My favorite male singer is Jason Mraz! I love his music, he’s just freaking awesome!!  I love acoustic!!

10.  I got my first kiss (in the cheek) when I was in… Grade 1. haha.. yeah.. the cutest girl in our class kissed me!! natuwa daw sya kasi sa akin… she treats me as her little brother..  ayun. haha. It was memorable.


I won’t tagged anyone.. basta bahala na kayo kung gusto nyong itry to hehe..  😀

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