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My Teledramatic Mom

Eto siguro ang epekto ng kakapanood ng mga teledrama ng mama ko.  Hanep sa mga hirit nitong mga nakaraang araw.  I just really need to blog it out! 😀

Here are some of the “teledramatic moments” of my mom:


Younger Bro: Ma, umaambon ba?

Mom: Ano pakiramdam mo?


medyo light pa yun.. eto pang isa:


Young Bro: Ma! Dinidilaan ng pusa yung kawali!!!

Mom: Bakit? Mauubos ba yung kawali?


medyo tumitindi na.. ayun, kanina lang while we were eating dinner:


Young Bro: Ma, yung ilaw kumukurap-kurap.

Mom: Ano gusto mong gawin ko? Magtatalon ako sa tuwa?


LOLz… we always laugh out loud kapag bumabanat ng ganyan yung mom ko!!

at syempre hindi ako nakaligtas, binanatan din ako ng mom ko ng teledramatic line:


Ako: Ma, bat ganyan yung pritong isda, parang bulok yung itsura, maitim

Mom; Anong gusto nyo, lagyan ko pa ng make-up at saka ribbon bago ko ihain sa inyo?


oh man!! Muntik na talaga akong mabulunan dun! 😀


Top 10 – Motown Week

It’s Motown week for the top 10!!

Top 10 Season 8

Top 10 Season 8

Matt – Let’s Get it on
-> d(^.^)b d(^.^)b – very bluesy performance!! Really loved it! I’m a big fan! Let’s get it on!!

Kris – How sweet it is
->  (^.-)b – I think he’ll have a good career.. for sure.

Scott – You can’t hurry Love
->  (-.-) – An okay performance.. but at least I’ve seen some improvement/change on his performance.. mas lively na :).. at syempre Laughtrip yung coloring book for Simon!! :))

Megan Joy – For once in my life
->  (-.-) – I agree with kara.. mas bagay kay Megan yung My Guy 😦 Yeah, she really has the most unique voice among the group 🙂 Though I’m not a fan of this performance.. oh well.

Anoop – Oh baby baby
->  (^.-)b – I like him doing the ballads.. really really good.. 🙂

Michael – Ain’t too proud to beg
->  (o.-)p – the start of the song is actually good, but he blew it on the last part. disaster.

Lil – Heatwave
->  (^.-)b – I enjoyed the performance though.. I just love her! 🙂

Adam – Tracks of my tears
-> d(^.^)b – @Kara: napa-count ako bigla sa sinabi nya haha.. but seriously, finally, nagustuhan ko ang performance nya. Sana ganyan lagi sya every week.

Danny – Get ready
->  (o.-)p – ewan ko ba.. I’m just annoyed with him this week, I just don’t like his performance

Allison – Papa was a rolling stone
-> d(^.^)b – Amazing vocals!! Actually inaabangan ko talaga kung madadaigan nya yung version ni David Hernandez last season, and I must say, she did!! Mas malinis pagkanta nya, and I really liked how she ended the song! Marvelous!


Unfortunately, matt is part of the bottom 3. 😦
But the good thing is,  Michael got to go home (Yey! well, it’s just time for him to go ^^,)

michael sarver

michael sarver

Wala pa ring kupas si Pareng Stevie Wonder!! whootwooot.. Really really love him!



wallpapers I created… wala kasing magawa.. hayun




Radio Revelations

I send two entries on this segment of The Show with Enzo and Andre (RX 93.1) last Sunday.. ayun, I won two premiere tickets for the movie Knowing.

In this segment, listeners are encouraged to send their problems to the DJs and the DJs will try to give their advices and opinions on the listeners’ entries.

So, share ko lang yung entries/problems na pinadala ko (through YM) and their advices about it.

My first entry is about my problem with my younger brother. Kami ng kuya ko ang nag-papaaral sa kanya right now. The thing is, we can obviously see na hindi sya nag-aaral ng mabuti. We don’t see him doing any assignments or projects, hindi din sya nagrereview. It’s like we’re wasting a lot of money for him. Kaya we’re still undecided if he should continue his study or not.

Enzo and Andre’s advice (not really the exact words.. medio nakalimutan ko na din kasi hehe): Talk to him. Tell him how significant it is to have a degree. That it doesn’t matter to graduate with an honor, as long as you have the degree, you’ll go far.  Or let him take a rest and let him realize how important education is.. if he’ll realize it, he will decide for his self to go back and finish college.

Nice! Actually yun nga ang sinasabi ko sa mom ko. Let him take a rest, or don’t push my brother too much. Paminsan-minsan sinasabi namin sa kanya na mag-aral sya, para sa kanya yon. Pero di namin sya pinipilit. It’s all up to him.

So ayun.. while enjoying the music at the background, nag-isip ulit ako ng personal problems na pwede kong ishare.. masyado kasi akong nagenjoy sa pagbibigay nila ng advice at hindi pa rin ako dinadalaw ng antok that time..

For my second entry naman, it was about my college friend na hindi ko na masyadong nakikita. And I don’t have any updates on her life and we do really miss each other. Pero I assume na nagtatampo na rin sya sa akin kasi nga parang wala akong effort to meet her. So I ask Enzo and Andre again for any special thing that I could do for my friend.

Enzo’s advice: Try to write a letter for her. Snail mail para mas may effort. Kasi nga naman kung email or text lang, parang it’s so easy to do that. With snail mail (or maybe a card).. mas matetreasure nya yon at mas makikita yung effort ng isang tao.
Andre’s advice: Try to bring her somewhere new. Or somewhere na special, yung may mga memories kami together, where we could reminisce the old times.

I’m so satisfied with what they said!! Really really great advice. With enzo’s advice, it was a pretty good idea. I used to text her kasi with quotes, pero that’s not enough nga. So maybe I’ll try it out.
With andre’s advice, the perfect place would be Intramuros!! Our college barkada used to hang-out there after departamental exams. It used to be our bonding place. With that thought, na-miss ko tuloy yung college barkada ko. haay

I never thought na makakapagbigay sila ng ganitong advice. Nakakatuwa. That’s why I also enjoyed listening to them. Sayang lang hindi ako makasali sa isa nilang game. Wala kasing phone sa bahay, at syempre nakakahiya namang mag-on-air.

Medyo nagulat din sila sa akin haha.. ang dami ko daw palang problema lol. They saw me kasi during Astroboy’s party and they think that i’m a very happy person. Hehe. Well, happy person naman talaga ako haha.. magaling lang magtago ng problema sa buhay. 🙂

Anyways, I’ll try to tune in again next week.. or more weeks pa kapag nakatulog ako ng maaga haha.. and may nakahanda na akong isa pang problem for radio revelation hehe! (adik?!)


May premyo sa problema!

Whoootwooot! I won tickets for the Monster Movie Premiere of Knowing!!

Tickets courtesy of The Show with Enzo and Andre at RX 93.1

I joined this segment on their show called “Radio revelations” wherein listeners will send their problems, any problems, and the djs (Enzo and Andre) will give their advices..

Ayun, nag-isip ako ng entry.. one problem muna sinend ko through YM… then after an hour nag-isip pa ako, para dalawa.. and they gave me an awesome advice on the second one..

Then after that minessage na ako ni andre (i cant remember the exact messages)..

The Show: ei

The Show: makinig ka later

The Show: may iaannounce kami

The Show: interesting

jun13: hmmm.. 😀

jun13: pano yan nakasched na ang shutdown ng mata ko mamayang 3am..

The Show: hahaha

The Show: sayaaang

The Show: sige sasabihin ko na

jun13: wag muna!!!!

The Show: after this song

The Show: ay

The Show: after another one song

jun13: kahit mamaya nalang, end ng show

And then, after two songs nga.. inannounce na nila..

Enzo: and we’ll be giving away a pair of tickets for the Monster Movie premiere of Showing Knowing.. for the Radio Revelation segment.. and the winner is…

Enzo and Andre: Oscar dela Hopia!!

Enzo: apparently he is a very problematic guy!

Lolz.. ayun.. i won! whootwooot.

My second win in RX promos.. konting sipag pa hehe.

You can catch The Show with Enzo and Andre every Sunday, 12am-4am and they will play all the coolest HipHop and RnB tracks!!

Knowing - Nicolas Cage

Knowing - Nicolas Cage



My first ever digital camera!! whootwooot.. Canon PowerShot A1000 IS

front view

front view



Not Good Enough to save Alexis Grace

The bottom three for this week are: Allison Iraheta (Blame it on your heart), Michael Sarver (Aint Going Down), and Alexis Grace (Jolene).

And the result…

Alexis Going Home

Alexis Going Home

(internet news)

Alexis Grace was revealed to be the third finalist eliminated from American Idol’s eighth season during last night’s live results show broadcast on Fox.

Grace, a 21-year-old from Memphis, TN, was sent home from Idol’s eighth season based on the 31 million home viewer votes cast immediately following Tuesday night’s live performance episode broadcast that saw the Top 11 finalists perform country songs in a tribute to the Grand Ole Opry.

The newly introduced “The Judges’ Save” rule twist also provided its first drama of the season when, following American Idol host Ryan Seacrest‘s announcement that Iraheta had not been eliminated from the competition, Simon Cowell admitted that he and the show’s other judges — Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi — were considering using the save to prevent the elimination of one of the two remaining bottom three finalists.

After Grace was revealed to be the low vote-getter, Cowell revealed that she was the one the judges had been considering saving.

“So it’s all gonna come down to this performance now,” Cowell told Grace.

However, following Grace’s second rendition of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” during which the judges huddled to discuss whether or not to save her, Cowell told Grace that they’d decided her encore performance hadn’t been good enough to merit the utilization of “The Judges’ Save,” which the judges can only use once during American Idol’s eighth season.

“We’re kinda unanimous on this. It was good, but it wasn’t good enough, sorry,” Cowell said. “It’s the end of the line for you.”

“You have an amazing life and career ahead of you my dear. Everything’s gonna change for you,” added Abdul.

“Thank you for the opportunity,” Grace responded.



I’m sad about this result.. I prefer Michael Sarver more to be eliminated.  Alexis Grace still has a lot to offer.  But that’s how the show goes.. eventually it will all come down to two finalists.. oh well.


AI8 Top 11 Performance

American Idol Top 11

American Idol Top 11

With no further intro, here are my comments..

1. Michael Sarver – Ain’t Going Down
– Huh??!? Wrong song choice.. too fast song, a bit annoying.. not good for him. With that song, you’re surely going down down down.. ==  q(0_o)p

2. Allison Iraheta – Blame it on your heart
– She’s still Rockin on this Country week. Still, great performance. She knows her thing, she knows what kind of artist she will be. I can’t wait to see her on the Rock n’ Roll Week! == (^.-)b

3. Kris Allen – Make you feel my love
– Hearfelt performance! With or without the guitar, he’s awesome!! == d(^.^)b

4. Lil Rounds – Independence day
–  It was an okay performance. not great but good. Yeah better stick with RnB. ==  (-.-)

5. Adam Lambert – Ring of fire
– Gayness Overload and Disturbing. I LOVE Simon’s comments!! super!! ==  (-.-)p

6. Danny Gokey – Jesus take the wheel
– what the H.. overdramatic performance. I really don’t like him. ==  (-.-)p

7. Alexis Grace – Jolene
– Mas gusto ko version ni Brooke White.. yung sa kanya, wala lang. ==  (-.-)

8. Anoop Desai – Always on my mind
– Welcome back!!! One of the best vocals last night!! kahit sumabit ng konti, ang galing pa rin!! == d(^.^)b

9. Megan Joy Corkrey – “Walking After Midnight”
– I just love her.. Her voice is really really unique!! mukhang forever na yata yung body movements. Pero ok lang. ==  (^.-)b

10. Matt Girraud – So small
– I’m just supppeerrr glad na nagkaroon ng Wilcard!!! == d(^.^)b

11. Scott MacIntyre – Wild Angels
– I’m getting bored with him.. he needs to go. (-.-)p

My TOP 3 for this week

matt girraud

matt girraud

kris allen

kris allen

anoop desai

anoop desai

Anong petsa na!?

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