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Animal Cruelty (..made me cry)

I was watching Kapuso Mo! Jessica Soho last Saturday night, and they presented a topic about Slaughtering Process of Animals here in the Philippines. The title of the segment goes like this: “Pagkatay sa mga hayop, maka-hayop nga ba?”.

At the start of the segment, they show a bunch of goats na kakatayin na. The voice over of Jessica Soho goes, “…tila alam na ng mga kambing na ito kung ano ang kanilang kahihinatnan, at wari’y nagpapa-alam na sila sa isa’t isa.” And true enough; you could really see the gestures of the goats on the last minutes of their lives. Then unang kinuha yung male goat, at pwersahan nilang pinainom ng isang bote ng suka yung kawawang kambing. I can hear the scream and shrill cry of the goat, and it was really heart-breaking!

I asked myself “why!? Why do they have to experience this cruelty!? They also have feelings… Wala bang ibang way na hindi sila mahihirapan ng ganun ka-grabe!?”… The animals are helpless… I really can feel their pain… Marami pa silang pinakitang examples ng very cruel na katayan, and my body really felt weak on the sight. I just noticed na tumutulo na yung mga luha ko. Yes, I really cried. It was really too much. Lalu pa nung may close-up shot sila sa mata ng kabayo na pinukpok sa ulo at humandusay sa lapag… you could see the pain in their eyes, maluha-luha sila sa sinapit nila… And my tears continued on creeping down on my face.

Then the segment went on, and they showed this butchering house of a big company. They introduced an instrument called “Electric Stunner” which they used in their animals na kakatayin. Para syang anesthesia, it’s like a big tong na idinidikit sa ulo ng mga hayop and they get stunned. Mas okay daw yung ganun, at least hindi na mararanasan pa nung mga hayop yung pain ng dahan dahang pagkamatay. At least with electric stunner, in a moment lang, tulog na yung hayop. It’s a good solution, however the price of an electric stunner is also stunning. 600,000 thousand pesos. Para sa maliliit na katayan, malaking pera yun. Pero naisip ko, hindi ba nila kayang gumawa ng improvised version nun? There are many ways, I suppose. We just have to stop these cruel treatments to animals.

The thoughts are really disturbing, and I just really hope that we will find an end to this harsh activities.

Anong petsa na!?

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