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Yesterday, I’m hurrying up to reach the house on time just to catch the start of American Idol 7 Finale. For the record, this is my first time ever to complete a season of American idol, from the very start of the audition until the final result show. And luckily, I made it to be at home just in time.

david cook vs. david archuleta

Before I start, let me just share my opinion regarding the final battle of the davids. For me, it was the most exciting final showdown of all time. Both finalists really deserve to be on that spot. The judges said that it was a knockout win in favor of David Archuleta (DA), but I must praise David Cook (DC) for he also delivered a very good battle that night. On the first round, Simon Cowell said DA won over DC. But in my opinion, I like DC’s song more, much livelier than DA’s song. On the second round, both sang two different unknown songs. Simon said Cook’s song is not a winning/finale song; it does not fit the event, and then gave the praise again to Archuleta. But again, my praise goes to Cook. Both of them sang an inspiring song, but I like the message of DC’s song more. Again, it’s a very lively song, and his performance was really stunning, he’s a star! And the third round, I get a little disappointed with Cook’s choice of song. But when he said that the whole thing is a “progression”, I admired him instantly. That’s the right attitude of a real artist, taking risks and does his best whatever happens.

Whew, so back to the finale. Actually, I already knew who won the title that night. And I’m happy that Cook won as the new American idol. I just want to see how the finale went on. The group performances of the final 12 were really good. My only beef with the finale last night is that most of the guests were old artist! You have Donna Summer, Bryan Adams, George Michael, and the performers along with David Cook and Brooke White (see? I even didn’t knew their names!). This is supposed to be a youthful show. But yeah, I see that they must balance everything so that they’ll cater to a much bigger scope of audience. Good thing that they also had Jonas Brothers, One Republic, Jordin Sparks, and Carrie Underwood!

Speaking of Carrie Underwood, she’s so beautiful!! Very stunning, she’s glowing and beaming! And her voice? Wow… she’s the best idol of all of them!

And finally, the new American idol was announced. And we saw a very emotional David Cook singing the winning song of the night. I’m almost teary-eyed last night, watching him emerging as the idol of the year. To tell you the truth, I really didn’t like him at the start. I even hoped before that he wouldn’t make it to the top 12 because he was so arrogant that time. But as weeks gone by, I saw the changes in his personality. He became a little humble, at least. And by and by, I saw his potential to be the winner of the competition because he really has a great voice and great talent. He really deserves to be the AMERICAN IDOL!

Cook wins the Idol


Post Happy Mother’s Day

This is a song that I intentionally wrote for my Mom.  This song shows how I am very inspired to fulfill my dreams which I really dedicate to my Mom.  Very timely because just last sunday it was Mother’s Day.


you feed me
you clothe me
you give me everything i need

you kissed me
you hugged me
enough for me to be complete

there’s nothing i would wished for
no more to ask for
let me make now my own move
a chance for me to prove…

My love
You’re the one who build me up just right
never leave me on my darkest night
all the strengths and love i need
undoubtedly you gave to me
that’s why
im living just for you

you mold me
you lead me
succeeded on the paths we’ve take

protect me
and loved me
you’ve been my sunshine when i wake

(repeat Ref & chorus)

my hardships in my life
are for dreams that i aspire
and yes, i wanna tell you now
my life is just for you..
for you..

(repeat Chorus)
date: may 31,2006/ 11:00pm
My mom really worked hard for us to finished our studies.  And I must say it all paid off.  So now, it is my time to do my part, and I must give her nothing but the best because she truly deserves it. 🙂


Newly Hired!

It’s been a week since I started going to work. I’m hired as a design engineer in TSPI (Tsukiden) at Philippine Stock Exchange Center in Ortigas, but for now we’re still undergoing some training that will last for 6 months. Hopefully, after that I’ll be a regular employee of the company.

This new stage of my life is really thrilling. I still don’t know what awaits for me in this new job, but I’ve been hearing some rumors that it will be difficult, so I’m bracing myself that much. I’m just happy with the fact that I never had the hard time in looking for a job. I really thought that my condition would hinder me to get a job. The competition nowadays is really intense. But then, after all, my hardships in school paid off. To graduate with flying colors had been my ticket to reach this point, so I’m very fulfilled with what I’ve done in school.

By the way, I haven’t graduated yet. But at least I’m assured now with my career. I’m also happy for my classmates. Almost all of us have a job already, and I’m glad that we have our own careers. I just hope that each one of us is taking the right path and that we’ll succeed someday in this course.

Cheers to us! Cheers to our future!

Anong petsa na!?

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Are you afraid of the dark - Sidney Sheldon
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He glanced at Kelly and smiled. "I haven't been there since I met you."