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Full-time Bum (no way!!)

Better to wear out than to rust out.
– Bishop Cumberland


To have a rest from work is the coolest thing, but to have a lifetime rest from work would be a nightmare!! I’m a graduating college student right now, and it is very obvious for me that the next stage of my life is the working stage. With the state of employment here in our country right now, I can sense that it will be a tough thing to have a job. Yeah, call center agent is the trend these days, there are loads of job hiring here and there, but it is just not suitable for me (but of course). I fully depend on IT jobs since it is the field that I opt to be in.
Right now, my schedule is two days a week in school. So I spend 5 days in our house. And the whole day, all I have to do is to watch TV shows, play some games on my PC, and listen to some music. Day by day, I grew tired of doing the same thing. And a thought came to me that I might do these things the whole year if I won’t have a job! I thought no way!!
Most of us are all giddy to have a job, most of my classmates are trying the call center fever, and most of us are all registered in websites that offers job search engine. Luckily, some IT companies are visiting our school (specifically our college) to offer some job positions. We took some test, and some lucky students (including me) passed it and went on with the interview (which is still not over by this time). We’re just hoping that more companies (more opportunities) will pour in on the next few months so that we won’t feel the hassle of looking for a job. And personally, I do hope that all of us will find a better job and have a better status someday

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“Quoty Quotes”

@ Motto
"Win as if you were used to it; Lose as if you enjoyed it for a change."


@ Songs
Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen
"We only got 86 400 seconds in a day to turn it all around or throw it all away. We gotta tell ‘em that we love ‘em while we got the chance to say.. Gotta live like we’re dying"


@ Books
Are you afraid of the dark - Sidney Sheldon
"Do you go there often?"
"I used to go there when I wanted to escape."
Kelly looked at him, puzzled. "Escape from what?"
He hesitated. "Loneliness. I felt less lonely
He glanced at Kelly and smiled. "I haven't been there since I met you."