More than meets the eye

07-07-07.. The date that i watched TRANSFORMERS in SM Manila.
i’ve been hearing all the buzz that the movie is really worth-watching, and so i was so eager to catch it on the big screen..
and so that day, saturday, after my class in ASP.NET, i went alone to SM Manila. My classmates were questioning me before that.. that why am i watching a movie alone. They even suspected me that i have a secret date or something.. and what the heck, rayt? They even stopped me and invite me to watch transformers in pirated DVD, and i said NO.  No matter what happen, whether i’m alone or not, i’ll watch the movie in theater.

Then i go, with a little bit hesitation.. i went straight to the ticket booth and ask for Transformers ticket. P120. Not bad. So i finally entered Cinema 2 and took my seat there.. Actually, while i was walking on the stairs (on the balcony part), i felt this im-alone-in-this-world feeling.. yeah.. pretty sad coz im so alone.. but anyway..

For 2 and a half hours, i watched the movie.. and it was FANTASTIC! Action-packed and comic here and there.. what a combo! Loneliness just slipped away.. And i say i’m so fulfilled! well not really, coz i didn’t saw the trailer of Harry Potter in the commercial. I’ve been waiting for that, sucks man.

Anyway, the movie is really awesome, to the fact that it is a low-budgeted movie.. I enjoyed the fight-scenes, Sam’s parents were hilarious, and also that black fat guy (the computer hacker in the movie) he’s so crazy.. it was really worth it.




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