ink: Morning Rush’s Hot Ten

bad tagalog translations for English Movie Titles

1. Black hawk down – ibong maitim sa ibaba
2. dead man’s chest  – dodo ng patay
3. i know what you did last summer – uyy… aminin!
4. love, actually  – sa totoo lang, pag-ibig
5. million dollar baby – 50 million pisong sanggol (it depends on the exchange rate of the country)
6. the blair witch project – ang proyekto ng bruhang si blair
7. mary poppins  – si mariang may putok
8. snakes on a plane – nag-ahasan sa ere
9. the postman always rings twice – ang kartero kapag dumutdot laging dalawang beses
10. sum of all fears – takot mo, takot ko, takot nating lahat
11. swordfish  – talakitok
12. pretty woman – ganda ng lola mo
13. robin hood, men in tights – si robin hood at ang mga felix bakat
14. 4 weddings in a funeral – kahit 4 na beses ka pang magpakasal, mamamatay ka rin
15. the good, the bad and the ugly – ako, ikaw, kayong lahat
16. harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone – adik si harry, tumira ng shabu
17. click   – isang pindot ka lang
18. brokeback mountain  – may nawasak sa likod ng bundok ng tralala / bumigay sa bundok
19. the day of the death – ayaw tumayo (ng mga patay)
20. waterworld  – basang-basa
21. there’s something about mary – may kwan sa ano ni maria
22. employee of the month  – ang sipsip
23. resident evil  – ang biyenan
24. kill bill   – kilitiin sa bilbil
25. the grudge   – lintik lang ang walang ganti
26. nightmare before christmas – binangungot sa noche buena
27. annie hall   – ang butas ni annie
28. never been kissed  – pangit kasi
29. gone in 60 seconds  – 1 round, tulog
30. the fast and the furious  – ang bitin, galit
31. too fast, too furious  – kapag sobrang bitin, sobrang galit
32. dude, where’s my car – dong, anong level ulit tayo nag-park?
33. beauty and the beast – ang asawa ko at ang nanay nya
34. the lord of the rings – ang alahero

Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar, RX 93.1


4 Responses to “ink: Morning Rush’s Hot Ten”

  1. November 3, 2006 at 5:20 am

    Hi, I only heard a portion of that top 10. Do you know the site for the top 10? Is http://cdtop10.blogspot.com your source? I haven’t checked it out yet.You’re really a true-blue Chico and Delamar fan!

  2. January 22, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    actually po on the spot ko lang yan kinuha.. i’m listing the top ten while listening to it… yeah, so true, im a true-blue chico and del addict! hehe..

  3. 3 Idiocracy
    May 24, 2010 at 2:29 am

    hi, i wasn’t able to get the daily top ten where they discussed the jobs that makes you a good lover… if you can send me a copy of it i would really appreciate it or if you can please post it here it will be much better ( i hope i don’t sound too demanding… =) )

    thanks much!

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