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ink: VacAtioN wiTh a spLaSh!!

friday, October 20,2006

it is the birthday of Enrico, one of the berks, and now is also the day for the class outing (whootwoot).. this plan is for the celebration of Quiya and Eco’s birthday, and im pretty glad that were on it!

that morning, i just prepared my things, i put my clothes on this bulging bag (yeah, i hate it).. then buy the stuffs i needed.. unfortunately, there was an invitation for me to watch a concert of MYMP, and i cant take it coz we have this swimming thing.. i was thinking twice right at that moment, and eventually i’ve made a choice..

i texted my classmates for confirmations (though i really know that all are settled for good).. just quite excited bout it hehe..

at 12:00nn, i left the house, bid my goodbye to my mom and pop.. my Mom is somehow anxious of letting me go, thinking something bad might happen.. knowing it will be in Bulacan (which is quite far from our place), typical mother ya know, but i assured her i’ll be safe (though im really worried too)..

just to ease my worries, i passed by at the Baclaran Church and asked for guidance for our travel, then right after that i took the MRT to reach Cubao.. i arrived a little early, so i roamed around the Farmer’s Plaza.. then i met my classmates at Jolibee, and we waited there for almost 2 hours.. but that’s ok.. we’re too way excited to think of the time at that moment..

then we headed our way to Jed’s Resort in Bulacan at 4:30pm.. on our way, we were quite sad coz Cherrie decided not to go, there were conflicts on picking her up at the Paulilan.. so we weren’t complete, and it’s quite depressing..

eventually, we arrived at the Jed’s Resort at exactly 5:30pm, safe and sound.. there were only 20 of us, and 3 friends of Quiya also arrived to join the celebration.. we fixed our things, got our cottage, prepared the food, and eat a little.. btw, Enrico lost his wallet, which contains no money, but his ATM card was there.. very unfortunate indeed..

and the thing we’ve been waiting for.. we fin’lly hit the pool, took a splash, and swam from dusk till midnight.. whootwoot.. it was a joyous moment.. we played in the pool.. habulan.. tayaan.. it was exhausting, yet were so happy.. im just depressed coz i cant swim well at the pool, all i did is walk in pool, run in the pool, sit in the pool.. kamusta naman yun dba? hehe..

then we ate together, barbecues, pansit, putopaos, grilled fish, and rice.. then we played 1,2,3 pass.. and held our lungs out singing in videoke!! i even saw a FALLING STAR in the sky that night! gee, it was my first time.. so i whispered my wish later.. man i really cant believe i saw it!!

it was an outrageous night/morning (i cant tell).. unforgettable indeed, Meanne and Hero slipped in the stairs ahehe.. they also threw some people in the pool.. some took a slide at the pool.. some enjoyed grilling the barbecues.. it was all fun..

and we swam until 5:00am(?), and we took a nap in a comfty cottage there..

i woke up at 6:00am (Saturday, Ocober 21, 2006).. it was a beautiful morning.. we ate bread and drink some coffee.. then after that we transefered to other cottage.. took the hanging bridge.. swam in the newly opened pool.. there’s a lot of pools around that morning.. we took some group pics here and there.. and FINALLY, i learned how to swim and to float!! whoowoot.. just for 2 hours i did it!! (that made the outing really worthwhile, i learned something, and i’ll treasure it!)..

we fixed ourselves after that.. and part our ways and went home (oh Eco fin’lly found his wallet, he left it at the FX, good thing Manong driver is really kind and trustworthy)..

it was exhausting, our bodies aching in every parts.. yet the memories and experiences are unforgettable, though it would be happier if we were all there, the whole class.. it would be a happier bunch..

still, we’re looking forward for another moment like this.. hopefully soon. (^_~)



Jammin: Justin Timberlake: “Future Sex/Love Sounds”

recently i bought a copy of this album (fine! i know it’s not a true copy!! not that rich ya know -_-)

it is composed of 12 tracks (though i really think it’s 13 or more):

1. Future Sex/Love Sounds
2. Sexy Back ft. Timbaland
3. Sexy Ladies/ Let Me Talk To You Prelude
4. My LOve ft. T.I.
5. Lovestoned/ I Think She Knows Prelude
6. What Goes Around/ Comes Around Interlude
7. Chop Me Up ft. Three 6 Mafias & Timbaland
8. Damn Girl
9. Summer Love Set The Mood Prelude
10. Until The End of Time
11. Losing My Way
12. (Another Song) All Over Again

the whole album is really good, and i really enjoy listening to it.. very groovy and sexy.. as what you expect to J.T. ..hindi talaga nakakasawa, and some songs are appropiate for disco music and parties..

i already have my favorites in the album, because these songs are really groovy, as i said.. well, his first single, “sexy back”, is really a hit, and i really love it, also the video is good..

his second single is “My Love”, and it’s also one of my favorites in the album.. a little bit of ballad/love song but there is still an element of grooviness.. i still havent seen its video.. but the music is really really good.

my third favorite in the album is track no. 5, “Lovestoned”, it is amazing.. i love every part of the song.. very groovy, will really make your body move.. well i guess, it’s the best in the album for me.. i hope it will be his next single..

I also like the track no. 6, “What goes around/comes around”, i can here some angst on the song, maybe he dedicate this song to britney, hehe not sure.. but the song is really good..

other songs in album is ok too.. like “Chop me up”, “damn Girl”, and “Losing my way” (which is somehow kinda a christian song?.. like that).. it’s worth your money if you really want groovy music in your house.


HapPy BiRtHdaY!!!

HapPy BiRtHdaY!!!

yesterday was a very special day for me.. yeah, it was my birthday.. but im so used to treat my birthday as an ordinary day, so its ok for me if there were no grand celebration or feast or whatsoever..

i’ll just take this opportunity to thank those people who greeted me (whether advanced or on the day itself), at least, they made me feel special and important *sniff sniff*..

to those who greeted me in advance:
– Aysa
– Francis

to my family and neighbors:
– Mom, Pop, kuya Kaiz, and Emman
– Tita Etchie, Tita Linda
– Kuya Bebong, Kuya Jun, etc..

to those who greeted me that day (in text & in friendster):
– Mabel
– Bianca
– Peachy
– Julie
– Ghen
– Maezel
– Rafol
– Aiza G.
– Sherwin  and Aisza(friendster)

to those who greeted me that day (personally):
– BSCS 3-4 [hindi ko na iisa-isahin, you know yourselves ^_^]
– Mabel
– Bianca

to those na pinalalahan ko pa (^_^ ok lang naman hehe):
– Erika
– Dhey (na binati ako ng happy father’s day! ^_^)
– Dennis  (na binati ako ng happy valentines! ^_^)

to those na mga nakalimot, walang alam, walang load, walang cellphone, wala sa sarili, walang pakialam, walang magawa, wala lang:
->> thanks anyway, meron pa namang next year! hehe

and to the two people who really made my day complete and greeted me on the radio (just because i texted them hehe):
– Chico and Delamar!! ^_^

>>> thanks to all, sa lahat ng magbibigay ng gifts, still open pa, pwede pang magbigay kahit late.. gifts, money, foods, shirts, checque, ipod, flash disk,or whatsoever.. hehe THANKS PIPZ!!



Sa bawat oras na paglagi ko sa loob ng bahay, pangalan ko ang lagi kong naririnig. Lagi na lang ang pangalan ko ang sinasambit ng aking mga magulang sa tuwing sila’y may inuutos.

3 kaming magkakapatid, at ako ang middle child. Kasalukuyan nagtatrabaho ang kuya ko, ako’y nasa ika-3 taon ng kolehiyo, samantalang nasa ika-3 taon na ng hayskul ang pinakabunso.

Masunurin naman ako sa aking mga magulang, lalu pa’t kung wala naman akong ginagawa, dagli akong susunod sa kanila. Subalit ang ikinatatampo ko lang ay paminsa’y ay kapag nagagalit sila sa tuwing mage-excuse ako na busy ako’t iba muna ang utusan, hindi na nila iniisip na may mga bagay din akong kailangang gawin o tapusin.

Minsan, kahit na busy ako sa mga gawaing pang-eskwela, ako pa rin ang uutusan nila. Kapag sinabi ko namang “si kuya po muna utusan nyo” ay pagagalitan nila ako, kesyo nagtatrabaho sya at kailangan nyang magpahinga (kahit pa kitang-kita naman na patext-text lang siya). Kaya ayun, feeling tuloy nila ang tamad tamad ko, even though ako na yung pinakamasipag sa bahay (and im meaning it!). They really never look at the things na ginagawa ko, lagi nilang pinupuna yung mga pagkukulang ko. (gawd, drama king here)

One afternoon nga, nagkaroon kami ng light argument ng father ko.

F:  Maghain ka na.
O:  Si kuya yung maghahain, ako yung tagaligpit.
F:  Bakit ba lagi mo na lang pinapasa yung mga inuutos sayo sa kuya mo?
O:  eh ganun po talaga yung set-up namin eh, sya tagahain, ako tagaligpit.
F:  yang kuya mo nagtatrabaho yan, kailangang magpahinga nyan. Kanina yung kuya mo pa yung nagsampay, hindi na sya nakatulog.
O:  eh may ginagawa naman akong project kanina eh, kailangan kong tapusin yun, saka ayaw niyang matulog eh.
F:  Eh bakit naman kami ng mommy mo, ang dami din naming ginagawa.
O:  Sumusunod naman ako pag hindi ako busy eh, may ginagawa lang talaga ako minsan kaya hindi ako makasunod. Lagi kasing pangalan ko yung tinatawag ninyo kahit na marami akong ginagawa. Kahit pa patext-text lang si kuya ako pa rin inuutusan nyo.
F:  At sinong uutusan namin?
O:  anjan naman si Emman ha. (youngest) Tapos sasabihin ninyo masyado pang bata yang si emman, masyado nyo kasing kinukonsinte kaya ganyan na yan, walang silbi dito sa bahay.
F:  Hindi namin iniispoil yang si Emman..
O:  eh ano tawag nyo jan, ni hindi nyo mautusan, 3rd year high school na hindi man lang tumutulong dito..
F:  Ano gusto mong gawin ko sa kapatid mo? Gulpihin ko yun?
O:  ewan ko, kayo nakakaalam kung ano dapat gawin..
F:  Wag mo masyadong asahan yung kapatid, mas may isip ka dun..
O:  bakit wala bang isip yung si Emman..
F:  Mas may isip ka nga kesa sa kapatid mo..
O:  kailan pa gagamitin yung isip nya? 3rd year na yang si Emman hindi pa maasahan.
F:  Pasalamat nga kayo ng kuya mo, hindi namin kayo pinaglalaba, ni hindi nyo nga naransang maglaba ng damit..
O:  Kami po kaya yung naglalaba dati ni kuya..
F:  naglalaba kayo?
O:  Opo, dati kami lang yung naglalaba..
F:  Hindi ko alam yun, siguro nung nagtatrabaho pa ko nun..


hmm.. you think im a bad child?.. sorry.. i really just cant help myself in expressing myself.. the argument just ended like that.. sana lang na maging sensitive din sila kahit papaano.. at sana, makita din nila yung mga effort ko sa bahay.. (-_-)

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