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ink: freak in the jeep

i havent told you that i had a weird experience when i was about to go to school.  I was taking a jeepney from Quiapo (it was thursday).. the jeepney was full when this man (which i think is a professor) entered the jeep and took a sit. Just a few moments, out of nowhere, the man/prof blurted out some annoying words, talking to us he said:

“May sasabihin ako sa inyong bagay na aking natuklasan, actually inilapit ko na ito kay Ernie Barong dati pero tinanggihan nya ako, kasi ayaw pumayag nung mga kaibigan nyang scientist, hanggang sa namatay na sya.. Natuklasan ko kasi na nagkabaligtad yung mga signs dun sa atom.. nalaman ko na ang electrons ang + at ang protons ang -.  Natukalsan ko ito ng baligtarin ko yung battery.. mali yung sinasabi sa atin nung mga scientist na yan..

At natukalsan ko din na PATAG o FLAT talaga ang MUNDO.. hindi ito bilog dahil kung titignan ninyo ang mga kalsada, patag yan.. hindi pabilog kaya ako ang nakatuklas na talagang patag ang mundo..”

.. then he went down in front of TIP (i think he’s teaching there)..

while he’s talking, deep inside im laughing out loud.. i can see the expression of the guy in front of my seat who is also a student like me, and he’s just smiling and maybe he’s thinking “what a freak!”.. and i guess the other people inside the jeepney also thought of it too.. i just rolled my eyes and let the man share his “discoveries”..

well, the man/prof has the logic on what he’s talking about.. but his logic is so twisted.. i think he’s real intention in saying this is to persuade us that he’s telling the truth and we must believe him.. and i swear, no fool would believe his words (though im not that sure with that hehe)..

anyway, that was an unforgettable encounter.. i just hope that one day he’ll realized what a freak he is.. newaiz, all are entitled for their own beliefs, so i’ll just MMOB.. ;p


ink: QuoTy QuoTeZ

“instead of giving them fish, teach them how to catch fish”

– such a good quote, and as far as i could, im tryin to apply it, but im such a failure.. well to clear things out first, im the one who’s giving the fish, and who’s supposed to teach them to catch fish.. yeah, the quote is talking to me.. and im doing it, but some just dont want to learn, and thats the problem.. well i hope you’ll see that the problem is not on me.. sigh.

“Happy endings are stories that just havent been finished yet”

– is the grammar correct? not sure, thats not the exact line i guess, but it sounds like that anyway.. yeah anyway.. the quote is from the movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, i just love the thought that all stories will end up to tragedy hehe.. well, everyone will face death at the end, so that wont be a happy ending, ayt? ;p

“the heart is a lonely hunter, and some people just cant find their prey”

– aw.. i’ve heard this quote from Delamar (dj), and frankly speaking, im one of the “some”.. ugh!.. oh well, i think i just saw my prey, but it’s just that i cant catch it.. dont have the courage to do that.. yeah, a coward hunter i am.. well, just hope someone is preying on me ahaha.. ;p

“the secret of life isn’t what happened to you, but what you do with what happens to you”

– an inspiring quote over here.. yeah, we all should able to deal with life’s cruel jokes.. laugh and laugh, until you succeed!!??.. <-now where did that came from?! ahaha.. freak.

“the person who is worse than a quitter is the person who never begins”

– hmm.. kinda relate to it, and i must adopt this one.. coz sometimes, im afraid to try things.. thinkin bad things ahead.. so, i guess i must listen to this quote.. and venture on everything.. and if ever i failed, at least i never quit, and if ever i quit, at least i tried.. make sense? ;p

“win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoy it for a change”

– this is the best quote that really fits to me.. i really like it.. whenever you had an achievement, you must not be too cocky in showing your gratefullness over your success.. act as if it’s a normal thing for you.. and whenever you lose, dont be too disheartened with it.. think that you just let other people to take your place, and you’ll have it again someday.. nice one ayt?.. like being humble and thinking positive.. im trying to be one.. ;p


ink: RaNdoM tHougHts

got some random thoughts rayt here..  its been bugging me for a long time.. just decided to put it in here, for the sake of sharing.. freak.
– – –

hmm..the cat in our house just had her new kittens.. so ayun.. andun sila sa hauz.. but my mom decided to throw the kittens coz three cats in the house is too much for us, so she paid jimmy (our neighbor) to throw the kittens.. and now, ayun.. the cat always look for her kittens, searching everywhere.. and ya’know what, its breaking mah heart, aw! yep, im too dramatic freak.. eh kawawa talaga si muning eh.. she’s been looking for her kittens day by umaga, tanghali, sa gabi.. she’s been roaming around the house calling for them..hayy..

– – –

really love listening to “sexy back” of justin timberlake.. so groovyy.. whooshoo..

– – –

there has been a lot of projects now.. haay.. parang as the months pass by lalung humihirap.. by next year were already graduating..yay!.. and the thesis.. ugh!.. excited yet nervous i am.

– – –

medio tired na me in texting.. coz no one’s texting me anymore.. only a few.. (thanks to Dianne for all the witty texts!!).. wala namang ibang magawa sa cp koh, no camera kasi, argh.. and what i want now? hmmm.. MP3 hehe.. well it can serve as MP3, radio and flash disk..

– – –

i’ve been missing a lot of great movies now.. la naman kasing money and time to watch movie in cinemas, and also no money to buy pirated dvds hehe..

– – –

i already changed my route now when going home.. before, im taking a jeepney and walk in Avenida up to the LRT station (doroteo jose).. but now im taking a bus heading to Quiapo, and i went down to Lawton and walk there to the LRT station (central).. it is better because the taking a bus is more relaxing (since naka-aircon and there’s a tv pa!).. and now im always alone when going home 😦 hmmp.. thats ok anyway.

– – –

ive been thinking about my birthday.. well one motnh to go and thats it!.. hmmm.. how will it be special?.. still dont have a plan for celebrating it, well.. im expecting that it will just be an ordinary day.. though im thinking of treating myself in a movie or something like that.. need to pamper myself..

– – –

the tribute album of Apo Hiking Society is so great!.. really like the songs specially: Awit ng Barkada (Itchyworms), Nakapagtataka (Spongecola), Panalangin (Moonstar88), and Blue Jeans (Rocksteddy).. my faves rayt now.. yebah!!

– – –

im planning to join the organization in our college.. it sounds good kasi when you are a member of an Org.. hehe.. that would be great hehe..

– – –

im quite afraid of what my grade will be in Computer Architecture.. not really good i suppose, i just hope na hindi bababa yun sa 2.50 para naman may pag-asa pa ko huhu..
i’ll just do my very best this second half, this finals.. double time ika nga ni Ma’am Signey.. 😉

– – –

hmmm, does someone reads my blog?.. ive been thinking bout it, no one’s commenting kasi amf!!.. newaiz, dont care. im find the pleasure in doing this freakin thing… yeah.. it’s cool to have a blog ya know.. i can look back anytime on what i’ve been thinking from the past..

– – –

well you see, ive been spokening dollar in most of my blog, well im aware that i commit mistakes in using the language, and it would be doubly great if you’ll tell it to me.. so that i’ll know what’s wrong and what’s right.. im so eager to learn ya know.. im trying to enhance my english abilities and i think im improving a lot hehe..

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