PERSPECTIVE: SenSitiVity and more..

“Dont do onto others what you dont want then to do onto you”

– the golden rule, ayt? well, i say no one’s really perfect and everyone would break this..

But then, there are still some person who can’t get away from being mean to other people, or should i say “some” person..

it’s not an excuse that you hate a person so you can be rude to them.. moreover that the person is not doing any harm to you, you just hate them because of how they act.. well, yeah… he/she might be irritating your nerves, but it’s not a good reason to abhor the person at all..

sometimes, we do need some Patience..Understanding.. and Sensitivity.. As much as we could, just ignore them on a good way.. understand that they just being theirselves.. that they don’t really mean to act like that.. and lastly, we ought to be sensitive on how would they feel..

when all the people are laughing at the person you hate and you were on his shoes, how would you feel?.. me, i would wished that earth would swallow me up from my seat.. it’s shameful you know.

– – –

Be sensitive on what other people feel, and what other people know.. Sometimes, you didnt know that other people would hate you on how you express yourself.. you might not know that you do sound “cocky”.. and everyone hates it.

if you know something and you wanna share it, you can say it on a right way.. or better wait until you are asked about it.. and many people would rather appreciate it that way..

– – –

well, that’s just my point of view.. if you think im wrong, well it’s up to you..
I would admit that im not perfect at all, and sometimes i act cocky too.. but i know myself, and i know now when and how to show what i know.. get it?=)


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