whootwoot!! HAPPY 10th anniversary to CHICO-DELAMAR TANDEM!! the best tandem in radio, ever!! Happy 10th anniversary to Morning Rush!! the best radio show in the land!! whoshoo!!

its been almost 5 years that ive been listening to MORNING RUSH.. we still have a store in the market way back then, summer before my third year in highschool, and.. me and my brother is enjoying the show while we were in the store..

actually, the first time that i’ve heard about Chico and Delamar was when i was still young (maybe Morning Rush was still starting that time).. and Ate Hercel was telling me that she enjoys listening to the two of them.. and from then on, the name “Chico and Delamar” never left my memory..

they were still in KCFM when we were listening to them (maybe that was 2001 or something).. then just in a few weeks, they announced that the Morning Rush will be gone for some time.. and it was a very emotional last show.. (but you see, it was never the last one)..

i stop listening to them almost a year, and when i got the chance to listen to radio again, i was so surprised to hear them again!! now in RX Monster Radio.. from then on i consistently listened to the show..

every morning ive been anticipating to hear them in the radio.. sometimes they are not alone in the show, sometimes they have Brad Turvey on the side, or Sarah (supah-sarah) once in a while.. which makes the show wackier!

i really like their HOT TEN, list about anything under the sun.. it was soo hilarious, sometimes so serious, but whatever the topic may be, the HOT TEN is always interesting..

i also love to hear Chico and Delamar’s own point of view about certain topics, ive been gaining a lot of new information from them, and they’ve been influencing me since then..

they been playing good songs now and then, and because of the show, i got the chance to know a lot of cool people, my co-rushers.. (special mention to ate JOJIE, Diane (sakura), and Dhey (masterbather)).. i ve learned that Rushers are very cool and friendly, and most of them have a great sense of humor, though some are sleazy, hehe..

some says it is boring coz there’s more talk than music, but if you only knew how very interesting it is to hear their words.. it is more interesting than the music they played..

until today, and hopefully forever, i wont grown tired of listening to them.. coz they have been a part of my morning routine.. and they really complete my day, in whatever ways..

i love the show, it’s my inspiration in life too.. and it is one of the BEST THINGS that i happened in my life, that is, getting the chance to know a bunch of cool rushers, 2 great djs, in a 1 incredible and unforgettable show.. the MORNING RUSH!!

– – –

May tomorrow be a perfect day
May you find love and laughter along the way
May God keep you in His tender care(?)
Til He brings us together again

And tomorrow we’ll bring happy cheer
Like a bright ray of sunshine throughout the year
I’m Chico and I’m Delamar
And together we’ll reach for the stars!

–  its the goodbye song of the Morning Rush. really like it. hehe. inspiring..



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