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A tale of time travel in which a father and a son reach out to one
another across parallel universes to stop a terrible crime: For John
Sullivan, there is no question. He would undo the events of October 12,
1969, when the out-of-control Bruxton fire took the life of his father,
a heroic firefighter. Ever since he was a kid, John has dreamed of
being able to stop the tragedy of that fateful day, which set into
motion the anger and loneliness that have haunted his adult life as a
cop in the 1990s. Now John may get exactly what he wished for… and
much more than he bargained for.





















Also Known As:

Frequence interdite


Production Status: Released
Logline: With
the ability to time warp to 1969 to speak with his dead father, a cop
is able to prevent his father’s death and find his mother’s killer.
Genres: Drama, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Thriller
Running Time: 1 hr. 57 min.
Release Date: April 28, 2000 Nationwide
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense violence and disturbing images.

New Line Cinema


Production Co.:

Avery Pix, Koch Co



New Line Cinema


U.S. Box Office: $44,983,704 





i just caught this movie in TV, in QTV 11.. at first, i never paid much attention to it, i was so busy in doing something (which i dont remember now..).. then just in few moments, i was hooked in the movie..

actually, it was Father’s Day that day.. and the movie was a father’s day presentation.. and true, the movie was for fathers..

i really like its story, wherein the father and son had a magical communication, magical coz they were in different times.. and they were using a magical radio for their communication (thats why the title is ‘frequency’).

the movie is thrilling, exciting, emotional, and amazing.. any change that’s been made in the past affects the future immediately.. and man, the idea of the movie is really great..

the emotional part that i like is  when john sullivan (the mature one, whose in the present time) is talking to his self (the young one, whose in from the past at that moment).. the scene was really cute.. and it is touching when john and his Dad is talking..

the climax of the movie is really exciting.. wherein a lot of changes have been made in the past, which complicated the things that about to happen in the present time.. im not yet that great in giving a i just cant explain all the scenes that happened in the movie..

im not yet good in giving a review, i know.  but all i can say is, the movie is really good.. one of the best ive watched so far..



Commercial on T.V.:

Johnny Delgado (while inside on a car) :
“bakit pag tayong mga pilipino, kapag nasa ibang bansa, bumabait..  bigla tayong nagiging masunurin sa batas.. hindi tayo umiihi, dumudura, o nagtatapon kung saan-saan.  wala tayong sinusuway na batas..
.. kaya naman pala natin yung ganun eh, e di sana ginagawa na rin natin yun dito sa bansa natin..”

– actually, that’s not the exact words in the ad, coz i forgot some of the lines.. but for sure, you can easily fetch the message it wants to convey to us..

when i really saw this ad, i was amazed with the thought.. well i already had this thought long ago (napag-usapan na to dati nina chico and delamar), it’s just surprising that a tv commercial brought this up.. and it’s a good technique, coz we all know, many people would be seeing this one.

now let me talk about the message of the tv ad.. and let me say, it is a SAD FACT.. Filipinos are really like this, they tend to show good things in front of other nations, but the truth is we are hiding bad habits inside..

well it is somehow parallel to some situations, like for example, for kids/youngsters. I’ve been noticing this for such a long time, and i even experienced this too.  what i am talking about is that kids/youngsters often enjoy being commanded by other people, like tito/tita/neighbor, just to show to them that you’re a good kid.. but they tend to disobey commands when it comes to their own parents/siblings..

Filipinos are like these kids.. right? but actually, not the people alone are to be blame in here.  our Government is also responsible for these acts of Filipinos. why? simply because our government is not so strict when it comes to rules and laws.. much more often, we tend to let things slip away (that is whenever someone do things against the rule, or simply out of the right conduct).. we just let them, and so the fear of doing it again wont be there to held them back.

sometimes, we really need steel hands to make us more DISCIPLINED.. and yes, if people are disciplined when it comes to small things, like spitting or throwing trash anywhere, for sure our country would be cleaner and greener.

(my last words sucks! cant think anymore.. argh!)




whootwoot!! HAPPY 10th anniversary to CHICO-DELAMAR TANDEM!! the best tandem in radio, ever!! Happy 10th anniversary to Morning Rush!! the best radio show in the land!! whoshoo!!

its been almost 5 years that ive been listening to MORNING RUSH.. we still have a store in the market way back then, summer before my third year in highschool, and.. me and my brother is enjoying the show while we were in the store..

actually, the first time that i’ve heard about Chico and Delamar was when i was still young (maybe Morning Rush was still starting that time).. and Ate Hercel was telling me that she enjoys listening to the two of them.. and from then on, the name “Chico and Delamar” never left my memory..

they were still in KCFM when we were listening to them (maybe that was 2001 or something).. then just in a few weeks, they announced that the Morning Rush will be gone for some time.. and it was a very emotional last show.. (but you see, it was never the last one)..

i stop listening to them almost a year, and when i got the chance to listen to radio again, i was so surprised to hear them again!! now in RX Monster Radio.. from then on i consistently listened to the show..

every morning ive been anticipating to hear them in the radio.. sometimes they are not alone in the show, sometimes they have Brad Turvey on the side, or Sarah (supah-sarah) once in a while.. which makes the show wackier!

i really like their HOT TEN, list about anything under the sun.. it was soo hilarious, sometimes so serious, but whatever the topic may be, the HOT TEN is always interesting..

i also love to hear Chico and Delamar’s own point of view about certain topics, ive been gaining a lot of new information from them, and they’ve been influencing me since then..

they been playing good songs now and then, and because of the show, i got the chance to know a lot of cool people, my co-rushers.. (special mention to ate JOJIE, Diane (sakura), and Dhey (masterbather)).. i ve learned that Rushers are very cool and friendly, and most of them have a great sense of humor, though some are sleazy, hehe..

some says it is boring coz there’s more talk than music, but if you only knew how very interesting it is to hear their words.. it is more interesting than the music they played..

until today, and hopefully forever, i wont grown tired of listening to them.. coz they have been a part of my morning routine.. and they really complete my day, in whatever ways..

i love the show, it’s my inspiration in life too.. and it is one of the BEST THINGS that i happened in my life, that is, getting the chance to know a bunch of cool rushers, 2 great djs, in a 1 incredible and unforgettable show.. the MORNING RUSH!!

– – –

May tomorrow be a perfect day
May you find love and laughter along the way
May God keep you in His tender care(?)
Til He brings us together again

And tomorrow we’ll bring happy cheer
Like a bright ray of sunshine throughout the year
I’m Chico and I’m Delamar
And together we’ll reach for the stars!

–  its the goodbye song of the Morning Rush. really like it. hehe. inspiring..

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