INK: tribute to classmates

*now im going to describe my classmates based on my own perspective about them.. no hurt feelings, no offense to anyone.. it’s just my own point of view.. but for sure, i’ll write things just with justice.. hehe peace :):)

ill do it alphabetically, with NAME [category/clan] they belong, and also where they live..but first let me enumerate the following clans in the class:

[pasawayz] – this is the clan where i belong, we are the noisiest, the wackiest, and maybe the coolest clan..hehe..im so biased. but i can say its true.. we always laugh out loud in the class.. we often eat in ginger canteen.. and strolling everywhere

[angelz] – this clan is very mabait, yeah they are kinda holy coz they attend those bible studies.. they are quiet, they are patient too..but then are happy to be with too.. they hang out in bible studies and everywhere..

[etomak] – they are punk! they are cool and wild hehe..they are makukulit and always happy too..some members often hang out with other clans, but still their clan remains unshattered.. they can be seen in pc shop playing games, some are strolling everywhere.. 🙂

[desperados] – well, there are a few of them in this clan.. but they are still together until now.. they are makukulit.. they can be seen at pc shops too, always rayt there playing games. (desperados is just a small extension of etomak!hehe).

[castaway] – these are the people who dont have an official clans.. they hang out with anyone.. but still a member of the class..
– – – –

FRANCIS [angelz]
– he’s quiet, a music lover..but i kinda not like his type of music..hehe..he’s a trasher,i think..always wear dark shirts and all that..he’s a good student dati,li-low lang ngaun tsktsk.. (home:basta bandang divisoria)

HERO [desperados]
– makulit, quite, and one of the best student in the class.. well just next to me..hehe jokes!..silent lagi sya pero may ibubuga naman.. always with jerome and arvyn.. adik din sa games.. (home:sa may teresa, nagboboard)

RICHJOY [etomak]
– punk girl, na ngayon eh nagpapakagirly type :).. besty ni aisza..makulit and very jovial..joker too..gf ni danj..nagguiguitar din yan.. all in all, she’s astig!.. (home:di ko pa alam eh,maybe in QC)

SHELLA [angelz]
– shella or sheila? wel sum are confused:).. she’s the “bianca king” of the class..yes, may hawig sya dun..so to say, she got the looks..pero deny pa siya bout dun..medio aloof sa iba pero mabait naman and friendly.. masipag din.. magaling din sa volleyball and dancing, da best sya jan.. (home:navotas yata?)

DANILO [etomak]
– artist yan, galing mag-draw talaga,da best! and mahilig din sa music and pc games.. tahimik din and a true blue etomak.. bf ni Rj..thats all i know hehe.. (home:maybe in QC too..)

JEROME [desperados]
– 5-6? mukhang bumbay kc.. kilabot ng teacher (actually si sir austria lang hehe).. makulit din to.. papancin minsan hehe.. and quite sumtimes.. pero may brain din..naks. magaling din sa volleyball.. blocker yan!.. (home:sa Marikina sya)

JENELYN [angelz]
– ayaw niyang may maririnig na ngitngit ng ballpen.. nangingilo kasi sya.. so sometimes people tease her with that..hehe.. gf of joe..anak ng pulis.. Tondo gurl.. makulit din sya,galing kumanta, idol nya is sarah geronimo:)..masaya din kasama.. (home:Tondo, manila)

JOEREX [angelz/etomak]
– nung naging sila ni jhen, ‘angelz’ na sya.. 🙂 he’s also one of the best in programming.. medio naglalilow lang pero dbest pa rin..magaling din sa volleyball..sa math ok rin, magaling din magguitar..adik din sa pc games! hehe.. (home:maybe in manila rin)

MAEZEL [angelz]
– parang si mam herrera daw hehe.. she’s mabait and masipag din sa study.. tahimik, medio makulit.. always with meann and shella..maraming food na dala kc may grocery store..she’s nice and friendly,magaling din sa singing..a very good friend.. (home:basta malayu daw, QC? basta malayu)

BRYAN [castaway?]
– dati he belongs to “gobilam” kaso nadisband na yung clan na yun hehe..he can be a desperados/etomak too.. he’s an ex-pasawayz too..basta kung cnucno dabarkads niya..he’s friendly kc..ex yan ni april..he’s veryy makulit..na may pagka-senti, certified adik sa pc games.. (home:kalookan yata yun, basta nakapunta nako dun!)

JULIE [pasawayz]
– mama juls ng lahat..chubby pero cutie naman!dbah?! kikay din yan..laging may hawak na phone..text ng text..pero magaling pa rin sa studies..masipag din and may ibubuga naman..cute din yan sumayaw and kumanta hehehe..masayahin, pero moody,and very physical hehe.. so far hindi p naman ako nasasapul hehe.. (home:sa Rizal)

LEAH [pasawayz]
– verry quite in class..pero minsan maingay din naman, masayahin din.. typical patweetums gurl..may ikakabog din naman, lalu na sa desAlgo.. 🙂 simple lang and masunurin, marunong din magguitar..minsan laging problemado sa life, minsan madaling masaktan/magalit yet very sensitive to other’s feelings.. thoughtful, parang ganun.. (home:holy spirit, QC)


note: yung quiet po namis-spelled ko as quiet.. pasensya na.. tao lang hehe


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